Thursday, February 14, 2013

Arlo and Jake visit Camp Balator!

After all the distractions and vacation, etc, I'm back on the good ship Triumph of the FTS Space Naval fleet, getting ready to send our intrepid heroes, Arlo and Jake, to intensive training on the moon based Camp Balator!
Writing book 2 of the series is turning out to be just as much fun as book 2, maybe more. I get to stretch the plot line, adding more interesting characters and places. I get to strengthen the relationship between Pixie and Jake, Arlo and Leeta and others.
Book 1 was a quick intro of my heroes into the amazing galaxy of characters fighting an epic battle for life itself. I intentionally made it only 100 pages, short and exciting.
The remaining books are the 'real story'. I'm shooting for 150 pages or so for each. Still short by today's standards, but in my mind the perfect length for books in an adventure series.
I've outlined around 10 books for my dippy heroes, though I'm hoping more adventures will develop as I go along. It's a big Universe out there, with plenty of trouble for our guys to get into and then try to get out of!
I continue to keep all my outline notes, characters, places, 'things' (like fleet ship types and names), etc in text file for ready access and update. This has been a great way to check myself as I'm writing and 'tinking about what I could do. It's also a great place to put 'ideas for things to talk about'.
One of the cool concepts I created was 'Einstein', Jakes avatar for his personal Library interface. It was an idea I had and wanted to include 'somewhere' but not in the story where I thought of it. So I wrote up a summary in my notes file and waited for the right place to introduce it. Otherwise it would have just been another cool idea I had and then forgot!
Well, time to get the boys into the training camp. Keep writing, Buckos, see you in camp!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Back to work!

The last week was a total vacation from just about everything. Work, social activities, TV, pretty much the world, except for my lovely wife. We took a week to chill and let the world function without us.

And, of course, the Sun, Moon and stars still march in their appointed posts in the sky. The Earth continues to spin round and round, blissfully unaware of it's silly inhabitants.

It was wonderful. No guilt about deadlines. No media sensationalism. Didn't have to groan once when yet another politician said something moronic. Can we just send these people back to school and make them retake basic Social and Government studies?

While sipping umbrella drinks, I read Charles E. Wells 'The Beginning'(check it out!) and some Asimov and Analog stories. It was blissful. I could read for a while, doze for while, and snore for awhile. Life was good.

Another great aspect was just drifting through more story ideas for my 'Arlo and Jake' series. I let myself visualize my reluctant heroes in what ever predicament popped up.

Some ideas were pretty good, some too silly even for me. I think not having any pressure to write them down or 'work on them' let me just 'drift' from idea to idea. It was cool!

So. It's back to work on these new ideas and my current story. I'm refreshed, motivated and full of silly ideas. Whoo Hoo!

Take a break when you can. Let yourself recharge. You'll love it.