Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Almost there.... groan

It's like pulling teeth with a tiny pair of tweezers while juggling watermelons! So many things to line up, complete, polish, fret over. A bit overwhelming if you stop to think about it.

All you can do is pick 'this thing' to do right now and go do it.

When 'that thing' is done, pick the next thing and go do that.

If you don't take a single step you won't go anywhere.

My editor is almost done. Check!
Next is rewriting the final scene, then reedit that.
Next is ??? we'll see...

Keep stepping forward, ladies and gents, don't stop to worry about getting to the end.

Just keep walking until you get there.

Be cool, be good, enjoy the moment.

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Camp Balator adventure is 'drafted'!!

For those (both of you ;-)) who are following my struggles to get Book 2 of the Arlo and Jake series 'done'; good news! The rough draft is complete! Our heroes survive, but just barely. Not much of a spoiler there since by definition, in a series the heroes must prevail!

I've got tons of work to do:
- Improve the final scene(s). They're ok but I want them 'better'.
- Read aloud, find/fix the inevitable issues and oops.
- Rewrite, rewrite, repeat/rinse.
- Find a cover.
- Plan a release promotion of some kind. (No clue how to do this.)
- Generate some pre-release interest in the book and the series. (Again, no clue. See the pattern here?)
- possibly drop the price of Book 1 to .99 or free?

After this baby is kicked out into the streets I need to shift to a coding project I've neglected. Writing a mobile game with a friend. I'm hoping it will be a couple of weeks of dedicated work and then back to writing.

Which brings up a conundrum. I want to attack book 3 of Arlo and Jake and keep the series going. But I have several other projects that need attention.
- rewrite on Genome. Several twitter-friends have pinged on me to improve dialog, structure and other things that would take Genome 'to a higher level'. Is it worth the time? Will it improve sales of Genome? Not sure.
- several ideas on a series based on the Geek Squad in 'Genome'. Short stories where PIP and the GS play detective, solving crimes in Boulder. I love this idea but again, is it worth it?
- produce a short story collection. I have a dozen or so short stories I could use. Worth it?
- I have a complete novel based on the last days of the American Indian Wars that I wrote years ago for a writing class. It's good. It would need lots of TLC to be 'good enough' to pub.

So. finish Book 2 and then?

What would you do?