Friday, August 30, 2013

Between novels...

I'm about half way through a short story I hope to sell to Analog or Asimov or ??

I decided that I needed to keep stretching and practicing my writing, rather than wait for 'Arlo and Jake Galactic Boot Camp' to finish being edited.

My theory is that I should always have a goal in front of me, something to work on and keep me striving to be a better writer. It's a theory. My life is full of theories, some tested, some proven and some forgotten. ;-)

So I picked up a plot line from the list of plot lines I keep around and started to brain storm a little. I'm liking what I have so far AND I'm getting to test the magazine short story waters. I've never published in a SciFi/Fantasy magazine.

The story is about an event that involves the entire human race and a decision that each human must make for themselves; literally a life or death decision.

It's a compelling, thought provoking story with just a little humor to keep it readable. I can't seem to write dark, hard core SciFi, I'm always adding a little humor to break up the tension. People write as they see life, and mine needs humor!

I'll update more on how it goes. I hope to have the story done this weekend and then submit to one of the magazines.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Winding down one, winding up the next....

'Arlo and Jake Galactic Boot Camp' is in final edit!!! I know, I've said that before, but this time it's for real!! ;-) The final polish, one more search for 'the the' and 'a a' and 'said' instead of 'says' and it's e-press time!!

While I wait, I'm waking Arlo and Jake and their friends up from their extended slumber and getting them primed for book 3! Time to shake up the Fleet and go kick some Octozoid butt; if I can figure out where their butt would be... hmmmm.

I've learned tons from this second book. Arlo is sassier and Jake is gaining more confidence in the hectic universe he's been thrown into. I've added more interesting characters and had fun with my first 'bad guy'. I think you'll love/hate this guy! ;-)

My writing is getting 'meatier' as well. I'm not as afraid to give the reader more insight into the characters lives and more vision into the universe I see when I write about my heroes. It only takes one glass of Rodeo Red to slip into writing mode now!

I'm looking forward to the second book's debut and popping a virtual bottle of champagne with all my readers and followers.

You guys rock!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rats and double rats...

That's what I get for messing with my blog templates, etc. I've lost my reviews!


OK, time to dig through the dim, dusty attic that is my memory and put as many of them back as I can remember.

Computers are nice, but I really wish I had that stack of 3X5 cards that I used to keep in my shirt pocket. My 'paper brain' was much better at keeping track of things in the 'good ole days'.

In the mean time, I'm writing a SciFi short story that I hope to sell to Analog or Asimov. It's based on a weird dream (go figure) I had years ago about a world changing event that challenges every human on Earth to make a mind-boggling decision. I may put some excepts on this blog and seek your critiques.

Time to rummage around the old noggin and find some reviews.