Sunday, February 9, 2014

Big kudos to James Paddock for 'Elkhorn Mountain Menace'!

This is a blatant plug for Mr. Paddock's thriller 'Elkhorn Mountain Menace', a book I review on Amazon and in my review section here on the blog.

I love Mr. Paddock's writing style, plot development, character generation, pacing... ah hell, I'm envious of all the aspects of this book. Great characters, inventive plot, solid pacing, intelligent dialog (one of my struggles) that carried me to the very last page.

James has written the perfect book for me. Constant action, just the right amount of twists, great characters and wonderful bad guys. Natasha's not bad either. ;-)

Check out the reviews and get your butt over to Amazon or Barnes and Noble and grab this book.

Well done, James!
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