Sunday, July 6, 2014

On a roll, Arlo and Jake 'Lost Partner' just passed 24000 words!

I know some (a lot?) of you can knock out whole books in a couple of months. I envy you. I just can't do that.

If I ever become a full time writer (hello literary agents looking for an up and comer... here I am! ;0), then I can dedicate most of the day to spilling my imaginary guts.

For those of us who have day jobs and family commitments that can't be pushed aside, it's a chore just to push our stories forward a few pages every night. And that's what I do. I sit my butt on the couch and try to write a couple of pages every day.

This 4th of July weekend was busy. Gardening, honey do stuff, guitar lessons and a granddaughter that will NOT be ignored (I wouldn't anyway). These last three days seemed to flash by. Here I am, late at night, trying to update my writing blog and do the social media bit.

But. I got several chances to focus on book 3 and damn if I didn't crank out some cool stuff. It's over 24,000 words now!

Arlo and Tia are trying to stay alive on the swamp planet. Jake and Pixie are trying to stay alive on the Triumph, in the middle of an interstellar battle. And I get to orchestrate it all!

Writing is a blast!

Sure I'd like to do it full time. But until then, I'm celebrating days like this.

You need to celebrate too. Any time you write, you are celebrating being alive.

Be happy for today. WRITE!