Monday, January 12, 2015

It feels so GOOD!!!!!!!

'Arlo and Jake Lost Partner' is draft complete! Yippeeee!

OK, not complete, I grant you. So no fireworks yet, But. My editor is pouring over the draft and filling the pages with red ink. A sure sign she likes it! ;-)

If I can keep up a head of steam now, I'll be heading for port in a few weeks!

Draft complete, for me, means the plot arc works and I've got all chapters 'done'. I can read the story, front to back, and it makes sense.

I've got:
- complete story with no holes that I know of
- characters are flushed out. new ones have good background stories. old ones mesh well in the story
- new environments are believable (it's SciFi, but the reader still needs to feel 'ok' with everything) and interesting
- dialog is interesting, funny in places and keeps the reader drawn into the story
- it holds together with the first two story lines
- it provides good impetus for the next book

Considering all the chaos I've had the last part of 2014, I'm feeling pretty good that I've accomplished this, even though I'm really late.

Persevere, my friends.

Be cool. Be happy. Be tenacious.
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