Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Indie writers ROCK!

Check out my review of Arthur M. Doweyko's new book 'As Wings Unfurl' in the 'Review' tab. I devoured the story over the weekend. Great concepts and well thought out plot. I'll be reading more of his books!

I've made it a habit to find and read mostly indie books in the past few years. I still read main stream books, but the ratio is probably 5 to 1 in favor of the indie side. 

Indie writers tend to be grittier and far less flowery than main stream 'successes'. Too many times I've picked up a 'best seller' and found that half the book is fluff that adds nothing to the story. James Michner was the worst but there are plenty of others.

To be clear, I like some of Mr. Michner's works. I just find it tedious to scan through another description of a flower or analyze another character's inner angst when I just want to find out what happens next. I've read that publishers will prod writers to add more 'flavor' to their stories to boost the word count and justify a higher book price. I'm sure that happens but I think sometimes that authors just like to hear their own voices in print. ;-)

Indie writers haven't been tainted yet. We're still babes in the woods, trying to find our writing style and 'voice'. And I really like that. We want the story to unfold at a good, measured pace. Keep the reader's interest on every page, not just every chapter.

I know that many people like the more eloquent depictions and long flowing story arcs.  That's great. Glad there are writers that address your needs. 

Me? I'd rather read a short gripper than a long-winded tomb. 

What do you like?

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