Monday, August 29, 2016

You must watch this excellent TV series! #BetterLateThanNever

'Better Late than Never' is a TV series NOT to be missed, trust me!

Four icons of television and movies go on a hilarious trip that can only be described as 'the mother of all bucket list adventures'. I've added their twitter handles so you can tell them what you think.

Henry Winkler, @hwinkler4real of TV's Happy Daze days, dozens of movies and TV specials. He's co-author of several wonderful kids book series, 'Hank Zipzer' and 'Ghost Buddies', and my favorite recent work on the 'Hank Zipzer' TV series for CBBC. Henry is the anchor for this team of 'mature' travelers. Henry displays the appreciation of life and camaraderie that makes him a beloved celebrity around the world.

William Shatner, @WilliamShatner of TV's Star Trek fame as well as dozens of other series and movies is wonderful. Funny, sarcastic, unexpectedly humble and fearful for his life at times.

Terry Bradshaw, @terrybradshaw of football fame is a surprisingly hilarious traveler in this troop. I knew he had a great sense of humor from watching him on sports shows, but I was not expecting the full-tilt-cowboy-night-on-the-town fun! Love ya', Terry.

George Foreman, @GeorgeForman. If you don't know his lineage then you've been living under a rock. A very humble and funny man. Love his zingers in the background! I get the feeling poor George is getting more out this adventure than he bargained for. ;-)

Jeff Dye @JeffDye of NBC's 'I Can Do That' tries in vain to keep the four troopers out of trouble and on the road of adventure.

The first episode was in Kyoto and Hong Kong. I still giggle when I remember them trying the 'exotic' sushi. You have to see it to believe it, I can't repeat it here. Sweet Josephine, did they really eat that??

I rarely watch 'specials' that feature celebrities and never bother with reality shows of the rich and self-famous. I decided to watch this one because of Henry Winkler and William Shatner, two of my all time favorite 'people I'd love to meet'.

Both of these men have done wonderful TV, movie and specials. They are down to earth, humble (yes Shatner is humble, he just hides it well ;-) and caring men. Both do special work with kids and give back to their followers whenever possible.

Please do yourself a funny bone favor and watch this series.

100 out of 100 on my Laugh-o-Meter!