Monday, January 23, 2017

Any day now...

Since my surgery I haven't had a lot of energy or desire to write much. It's been two months and I'm only now back to working from home and that's pretty much exhausting me. ;-)

But last night, as I tried to sleep in my recliner again, I started going over the plot of Book 4 of my humorous SciFi series 'Arlo and Jake'. I was able to remember the plot that I started back in Oct or so. I was very pleased with myself and it got my imagination stirring again.

I have several other books that have been rattling around in the attic that pushed their way forward, wanting my attention. Unfortunately, that was about the time I fell asleep.

So I'm hoping that I'm back on the road to writing recovery 'soon'. My surgery rehab is going well so surely my mental focus will improve as well. Right?

Thanks for the support and words of encouragement from all my writing and other friends.

Keep writing!
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