Sunday, June 22, 2014

What a glorious, calm day...

Today was awesome.

No trips to the mall. No phones calls; NOT A SINGLE TELEMARKETER!!! No doctors appointments. Nothing that had to be done today. No honey-do list (thanks, Babe!).

And other than this entry, done while watching TV, on the couch and relaxing with a brew, no thought about all the writing I need to do.

Not a single word written on 'Arlo and Jake', book 3 or 'Etchings', another short story I'm working on.


What did I do? Glad you asked.

For the first time in ages, I spent all day on the patio, reading 'The Dream Map' by Jason Luthor. I started at about 9AM. I took my time, savoring the work of an author new to me. I love finding a new writer; it peaks my imagination to view a story through new eyes. You can see my review of Mr. Luthor's book on my 'Reviews' tab.

The day started perfectly; it was lightly raining when I woke. There is something about waking to raindrops and cool weather that just makes the world seem calm and peaceful.

Grabbing a fresh mug of coffee and the Sunday paper, I walked out on the patio, savoring the smells and sounds of a soft Texas drizzle. The coffee tasted extra bold, the Comics were extra funny and I even read the front section of the Dallas Morning News.

Then I grabbed my Android tablet and loaded up the Kindle App. I spent the rest of the day playing in a realm of Sword, Sorcery and Dragons. It was wonderful.

Next week is a new chance to write. A fresh set of moments to let my imagination roam and play. I'm looking forward to the challenge.

My wish for you is a fresh set of moments and the desire to embrace your challenges.

Be cool.
Be happy.
Just Be!