Monday, October 12, 2015

Just finished 'Revolver' by H.P. Oliver, check out the review!

Check out my review of H.P. Oliver's 'Revolver'. It's another winner from an author I admire and love to read.

H.P. writes in easy, flowing paragraphs, steering you around the streets of Hollywood and cities all around 1930's California. His style is immersive and vivid, getting you into Johnny's head so you can see the evidence and the story as it unfolds.

That's what this post is about, aside from getting you to check out 'Revolver'.


Like H.P. I believe the best stories draw the reader into the lives of characters immediately and hold that interest throughout the plot. You don't have to know which deodorant Johnny, or Jake, my character in the 'Arlo and Jake' series,  uses in the morning. But knowing his favorite beer or car lets you get some subtle 'warm fuzzy' that you understand what motivates the character.

What kind of women is he drawn to? How does he react to rejection? Is he easy to anger or a simmering pot? What does he do when the day is over and it's time to unwind.

It probably means nothing to the plot, but knowing these details immerses the reader into the characters soul, even if it's just a tiny detail like the kind of hat he wears.

H.P. is teaching me that little details matter. They are the pickles on the hamburger. They add flavor.

Go! Pick up your copy of 'Revolver'.

Be Cool.
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