Monday, November 9, 2015

Slow progress on 'Walk with Me'... arrggghhhh

I am not a patient man. I work daily on staying focused on things I can do 'now' versus things that will just have to wait. T'aint easy, McGee, t'aint easy. At work, I have 2 or 3 things going at all times. If my brain is not engaged I fall asleep. I would rather be weird than bored.

So the fact that I haven't nailed my latest novel, 'Walk with Me', is driving me bonkers. I would be working on it right now but I'm squeezing my Muse for some better material. It's never a good idea to force your imagination to produce. My Muse is a very fickle lady and right now she's either on vacation somewhere in the Milky Way or tired of hearing me whine. I'm going with the former, it puts me in a better light.

So. What to do?

I'm thinking of setting 'Walk with Me' aside and reviving an old project or starting a new one. I have several stories that are 'this close' to being 'real good'. It would be excellent to have them polished and pub'd.

On the other hand I have several shiny new projects that I'm itching to start on.

I have to do something! I can't sit a home at night and NOT write. It's become so ingrained that I think about plots based on TV commercials, for crying out loud. ;-)

OK. So, I'll just pick one and run with it.

Time to rummage through my outlines and pick a winner!