Monday, December 2, 2013

What are YOU planning next???

You've just finished that novel or short story or poem and you're sitting back with a silly smile on your face.

It was a bitc., I mean a bugger, but you did it. Great concept; great plot arc; great dialog; wonderful end game. Wow, what could be better than resting after finally putting the last polish on it and releasing it?

How about this. Pick up your pen, grab a cup of tea or coffee and go to your daydreaming place. Sit your sorry butt down in your thinking chair and outline 3 books.

Don't stop until each one has a strong beginning, a couple of arcs and a solid finale. Throw in as much or as little dialog as you like. If the characters aren't talking to you, don't worry, maybe they'll join the party later.

I don't care if ANY of these stories are worth a pig's ear. Just write them. Let your imagination go, don't hold back anything. Just finish each one. Today. Nobody is going to see them right now.

It's your chance to play, to experiment, to be silly or grim or adventurous or mysterious or poetic.


There's no pressure. No deadlines. No preconceived plot or story concept. No time to second guess yourself. You're free to sling words at will (look out Will!) and have some fun.

I keep these little outlines in a folder for future reference. A couple have become decent ideas for books. Most are just a chance to explore my imagination and HAVE FUN!

Let me know if you do anything like this when you're writing, my readers and would love to know!

Keep writing!